Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bradfield Carnival Carnage

Friday afternoon we attended Little Man's school carnival. This is a big money-maker for the school. Parents man booths, sell food, raffle prizes - all in the name of education!

One of the kids favorite activities to buy cartons of "confetti eggs" and run around and smash them on each other. I heard one Mother say to another that they hadn't had anything but scrambled eggs for a year. Every egg she bought, she poked a hole in the top and shook it out to save eggs for the school. I'm afraid I'm not that dedicated to the cause.

Each class sponsors a game or a booth and the kids can win prizes. They actually had pretty good prizes this year: rocket launchers, jump ropes, toy motorcycles and army action figures. Little Man came home with a big bag of stuff.

It was a lot of fun - loud and chaotic!