Monday, October 13, 2008

Meandering Turtle Creek

Little Man and I had quite the adventure today. We went with Venus and ET to explore Turtle Creek.

Turtle Creek is exactly as it sounds: a creek that meanders all throughout Highland Park with lots of turtles, fish, frogs, ducks and other assorted critters in it.

Venus brought us a picnic and we spent three hours walking the creek beds and exploring the wilds of Dallas with the boys. They had a ball.

ET was our tour guide, as they have been a hundred times. I can't believe I have lived here all this time and never knew this beautiful place existed. I mean, I drive past it every day - but I never realized you could get down in it and there were so many cool things for eight-year old boys to do.

ET caught a little frog

The boys discovered this mossy rock embankment and
found it to be a wonderful natural slip-n-slide.

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