Friday, October 31, 2008

Sarah Palin Takes Dallas by Storm!

My sister dressed up as Sarah Palin for Halloween today. She e-mailed me this photo of her in her "costume" with her gun and baby Trigg.

She's been getting mistaken for S.P. for weeks now. Not mistaken, like people really think she's Sarah. Just having people walk up to her and say, "Do you know who you look like..." I told her now she knows what a celebrity feels like , always having people stare and point at you.

She really does look like her. Spooky.

She stayed up half the night to make treats for her office. Here are her goodies: Witches Finger cookies and Squishy Eye Balls (a Jello/Pineapple/Cream Cheese concoction).

I stand in awe...