Saturday, December 27, 2008

You Know Who Your Real Friends Are When...

So, I was at a friend's house tonight. Three couples. Me and Randy. Venus and Cenote. Nathan and Angie. We decide to play this game called Catch Phrase. It's like Password, where you press a button and the game device gives you a phrase or word and you have to get your team to guess it.

For instance, if the phrase is "Save for a rainy day", you could say, "When you keep all your money (Save) and it's not a sunny day but...".

So, my word is "Freckle". And I say, "I have these all over my face."

Cenote says, "Wrinkles!" Angie says, "Pimples!". Venus says, "Freckles". Randy's just chuckling.

This is why Venus is my real friend... and they all suck.