Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Boy, it sure was hard to get out of bed yesterday after a two week holiday vacation of sleeping late every day. It was rainy and cold. About 32-35 degrees all day. You can see from my picture (left) that icicles formed on all the trees - luckily not on the roads though.

Things went well enough at work until late afternoon. By that time, the temperature was dropping and ice was forming on the trees causing the limbs to droop down hitting power lines. At least four times yesterday the lights flickered and all the power went out for a second - causing everyone's computer's to turn off and lose whatever you were working on. It was making my whole office so mad.

Randy and I tried to watch the UT/OSU game last night but had the same problem. The power would go off every 15-20 minutes for 60 seconds or so causing the TV to turn off. And cable service was spotty. So, we saw none of the game and had to watch highlights this morning. Jackson and I played Blokus and Randy did Sudoku puzzles. Man, I bet all of the people who are UT alumnae around here and were so excited about the game about had a conniption fit last night. But, at least the outcome was good and UT won. Hook 'em horns!