Saturday, January 10, 2009

TP'ing - 21st Century Style

Remember when you were young and the big excitement on the weekends was to go toilet paper someones house until it looked like a snow storm had hit. We'd go through rolls of the stuff until it was hanging from the trees like flags in the wind and covering every square inch of someones yard.

Well, folks, welcome to the new eco-friendly age of this tradition. No longer is it politically correct to use toilet paper. Kids now use recyclable plastic "Caution" tape, bought at the dollar store. This wasn't even a good job. I'm not sure if they got scared off or are just too little to do much damage. Little Man thought it was a riot. "You know," he says to me when we arrived home last night and discovered we'd been hit, "this means you're popular. You only do this to kids you like." So nice to know my son's popular. Although I wasn't caring much about that this morning when we had to go outside and clean it up in the 20 degree windy weather...