Thursday, February 5, 2009

Topic of the day: Kellie Pickler

I have had an unexpectedly nice day today. I was sitting at my desk, doing my usual "dialin' for dollars" kind of cold-calling and the receptionist brought me these beautiful flowers.

I ran down the list of potential reasons for the flowers:
Anniversary? No.
Birthday? Not for 4 more months.
Fight with husband? Not that I remember.
Old boyfriend realizing his life would have been better if he hadn't dumped me all those years ago? Possible.

They were for none of those reasons. My big boss, the owner of my magazine, sent them to me (and my two co-workers) because we kicked some booty for this issue we just closed and exceeded projected sales. How sweet is that!

I then proceeded towards home for lunch, not exactly excited about the prospect of eating a PB&J sandwich, when it occurred to me that Little Man's lunch was starting in 15 minutes and it would be fun to surprise him.

So, I veered a hard left and before you know it I was wolfing down Chicken Tetrazzini and green beans at Bradfield Elementary. Dang, that Cafeteria Chef can cook. I almost went back for seconds.

I got to hear an interesting debate between two of the girls and a boy about whether or not Kellie Pickler was a good singer.

Girl #1: "Tell (Little Man's) Mom how you are in looooooooove with Kellie Pickler!
Boy: "I am not in love, I just think she's an amazing singer. I like her music."
Girl #2: "Then why do your eyes get all big when you talk about her. You love her."
Boy: "My eyes do not get all big. I'm just saying I like her music"
Me: "You know she was on American Idol."
All three kids: "Huh?"

Obviously these kids don't watch reality TV like me... How do they think she got a record deal? Her talent!? (Scoff)