Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break - Day 2

Again, I come home from work and it's a party on my street. Only today, it was a pool party.

I walked in said, "Where's Little Man?". "He's swimming.", Randy replied. "He's whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" One of my neighbors had "heated" their pool and a gaggle of children were splashing around like a bunch of baby ducks after a long drought. Happy as clams.

I walked over to make sure there wasn't one Mom having to watch all of the kids and see if she needed help. There were four Moms sitting there, visiting and having a glass of wine. "Is this what you bitches do while I'm at work every day?" I asked. They just giggled.

Life is so unfair.

I say "heated" because the kids all kept saying, "I thought you said the pool was heated. We're freezing!". But none of them got out. They kept jumping into the hot tub area of the pool to warm up and then they'd brave the cool waters of the deep end to play until they couldn't take it anymore.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!