Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball, Cheese Fries and Cops.

Nothing's more American that Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie. Right?

Well, we altered that slightly after Little Man's baseball game the other night. His team lost by a few runs and the boys weren't so down about it as the dads were.
We decided that loaded cheddar cheese fries and beers at Snuffer's would cheer them up, of off we went.

Our new rule of thumb is that the adults sit at one table and the unruly children sit at another table. This way, if they are bad, we can pretend like they aren't ours and look around with horrified looks on our faces as if to say, "Who would bring such horrid children to a public place!?
But, on this particular evening, the boys were pretty well-behaved and happy to eat and watch COPS on the big-screen TVs while we (at the other table) had lovely discussions about things that didn't involve them.
Everyone was happy.