Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Feels Good to Do Good.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bowie Elementary Principal, April Rivera, and track Coach (and “Nike Goddess“) Sharon on Wednesday night. Bowie Elementary is an elementary school serving PreK thru 4th grade and is located in South Dallas at 330 Marsalis Ave. A group of marketing professionals were asked to gather (over wine and cupcakes!) and brain-storm about ways to assist the school with fund-raising and corporate donation ideas.

To say that most of Bowie Elementary students are under-priveldged would be an understatement. April spoke of students who are latch-key kids where there’s only one parent in the home and Momma has to be at work to pay the bills, so they walk home from school alone, do their own homework, try to make themselves something to eat (if there’s food in the house) and sometimes have to be responsible for younger siblings. She spoke of their school programs and how grateful the kids are to be in school, so they get a meal and maybe a snack to take home each day.

She spoke of her teachers dedication to the students and how they try to provide with what little budget D.I.S.D gives them. But, often times, it is not enough to properly assist everyone. Her teachers have used their skills and talents to develop programs like Coach Sharon’s “Running Club”, where over 150 students train in track and field throughout the year and get to attend meets. A Science teacher has developed an urban garden with a plot of land behind some portables on the school property to give the children a hands-on learning experience about photosynthesis and pollination.

But these programs take money and donations. And this is where the Traverse came in! On the invitation we received, we were requested to go through our home and bring any items we could donate to their cause, whether it be supplies for the school or items for the children. Since my Little Man is an only child with way too many toys, we took the opportunity to make a sweep through the game room and I folded down those seats and filled the back of the Traverse with toys, books and games to donate to Bowie Elementary.

It’s amazing how much CLUTTER we all have. And then you think about the fact that not 20 miles away in South Dallas, April Rivera has a school with over 600 students who often go hungry every day. And don’t have shoes that fit because they can’t afford new ones. Or aren’t up to speed with their reading because they don’t have books at home and no one to read with them.
It’s mind blowing.

If you would like to help me fill the Traverse with another load of books, toys, clothes, garden supplies, sports equipment, furniture, etc. I hope you will e-mail me at If you live in the Dallas area, I’ll come pick up your donations. Or you can drop them off at the D Magazine offices at Oak Lawn Ave. and Herschel in Uptown. Or you can even take them to Bowie Elementary yourself.

And if you do, ask for April. She’d love to say hello and show you around!

Since we have a long holiday weekend coming up, take the time to visit any North Texas Chevy Dealer and just for test-driving a Traverse, they’ll give you a gift certificate to Massage Envy for a one-hour massage. I’m telling you… It feels good to do good.