Friday, August 21, 2009

Another School Year Begins

Late this week, we got to go up to the school and see the class list's and meet Little Man's Teacher. This was a bad idea for several reasons:

1) it was 105 degrees and humid - and the event was held on the schools front lawn
2) they didn't stagger the grades, they had all children (K-4) come from 5-6 pm

There were mobs of people all trying to see who's class their kid was in and kids running amuck yelling, "Dylan! You're in my class!" or "Who's you get? I have Ms. Fisher!" and then you had to try and find your new teacher who was only distinguished by a small sign stuck in the yard. It was awful. I was a hot, sticky, sweaty mess by the time we left.

But the kids loved being there and seeing all of their friends. It totally charged Little Man up and now he is pumped to start school on Monday. He is going into 4th grade this year which means he will rule the school!

Updates on how the first week of school goes to come...