Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Man Sings the Blues at Christmas

Bradfield's 4th grade class held a Christmas concert this week where they performed holiday carols and "songs of celebration".

When I asked Jackson if he was excited about the concert he said, "I want to eat dirt so I'll get sick and not have to sing." "You LOVE to sing," and I reminded him how he sings in the shower, around the house, in the car (don't get me started on his dance moves). He rolls his eyes and says, "But we're not singing rock and roll! Just boring old songs". Funny.

He was more excited to wear his new outfit than to sing. Whatever gets him going... I can't believe how many kids they had crammed on that stage. It looked like 200. Jackson got stuck beside some girl with a big bow in her hair and the whole concert he kept standing up on his tip-toes to be seen. I have him well trained to make himself visible for the camera.

It was a concert only a parent could love. And I loved it! Check out my little guy. He's on the left side of the stage, 3 rows back. The first close-up is at 40s. Hilarious.

Happy holidays!!