Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is what physical excerise gets you.

Can you believe this? Here's the story.. and my husband said I need to make sure that people know he did not punch me in the mouth.

Jackson came home from school yesterday and I asked him to take the dog for a walk. He wanted me to go with him, so off we went. We were 95% of the way done and heading home when we walked past a big wooden fence. On the other side of the fence was a little yappy dog who started going crazy when it caught a whiff of Tuco.

I was holding Tuco's leash and he darted across the sidewalk to get over to the fence, causing me to get tangled in the leash and trip over him - falling like a pancake, flat out on the cement sidewalk.

I scraped my left knee and elbow but the worst part (what you see here) is that I hit my face flat on the sidewalk. I can't believe I didn't break a tooth because I felt them hit the sidewalk and the very first thing I did was run my tongue over my teeth to make sure they were all still there.

I could tell I was bleeding but didn't know from where and I had Jackson with me... it was awful. The worst part? I was supposed to be going to a photo shoot right after that walk to have my picture taken for an event I am speaking at next month.

I was cursing that damn dog the whole way over there. Oh yeah, I went! I held ice on my mouth on the drive over there and cursed that dog using every bad word I could think of and then making up some new words for him.

Through the magic of makeup, they fixed me up and we got some good shots. But it took all the fun out of an experience I had really been looking forward to. It's a lot more swollen today, but I wanted to post this - so you will appreciate the new photo I will post in a few days when the photographer send me my shots.

One more reason Tuco is half a step away from going to the dog pound...