Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break in Georgetown

It seemed like all of our friends with kids were off cavorting in glamorous places like Barbados and Vail for Spring Break this past week. And all of my industry colleagues were down in Austin, mingling with the beautiful people of the social media world and partying the nights away at SXSW.
Where was I? I was here in Dallas. Working. (Do you hear the violins playing?) I was feeling real sorry for myself. And I was feeling even more guilty that my poor son was stuck here when all of his friends were off having exciting adventures and I wasn't even paying attention to him because I was working so much.
So, I decided to take a break and scoot off to visit my Mom in Georgetown for a few days. Georgetown is right outside of Austin, and she lives in a retirement community called Sun City. Now, you might read "retirement community" and think "old people walking around on walkers" but oh no! Let me tell you, this place is like revisiting my Sorority life in college. Except there are no classes. These people are playing golf, having card parties, going into Austin to see plays and visit museums, throwing dinner parties. And there's wine. Lots and lots of wine.  Every time I go down there, I leave thinking, "I can't WAIT to retire."
Jackson loves it down there because outside of the fact that it's beautiful there, Sun City is a golf-cart community, so we take her golf cart to the little store to get ice cream and we take the golf cart out at night with flashlights to look for deer. This trip, he was big enough that his feet could reach the peddles, so I spent (what seemed like) hours letting Jackson drive the golf cart up and down her cul-de-sac.  We went on a hike and found a piece of wood that was perfect for the Worlds Greatest Sling Shot and then he spent an hour picking up acorns and doing target practice with his new toy.  We looked for cool rocks in the creek bed and stopped to ooh and ah over the wildflowers. We stopped to talk to some Grandpa's and their Grandsons who were fishing at the lake and inquire as to their technique and what bait to use to catch the best fish.  We ended up having a wonderful adventure all our own.