Friday, April 30, 2010

The City Girl Visits Rattlesnake Ranch

Our good friends, Venus and Cenote Steve (code names) purchased a great piece of land out in Cisco, Texas last year. They've asked us several times to come out and visit them - the only problem is, is that there is no house on the property. They have purchased a charming (that's a real estate term for "small") Casita that sleeps 2. And they get the 3 of them in there. So, with no place to sleep, except a tent (and Mama don't do tents) we just haven't been out there.

Well, hallelujah and Praise the lord, a new Holiday Inn Express was just built in Cisco - 10 minutes from their land. So this past weekend, we made the road trip out to Rattlesnake Ranch. And what a treat it was. The land is beautiful. Wildflowers everywhere. We had cool weather, loads of stars, a raging fire and of course, we made Smores. The boys shot guns, climbed trees, dug in the dirt - Little Man was in heaven.
And, of course, Venus brought Champagne. This is why I love her. Who else would bring champagne to a camp out! It was a fantastic visit and I can't wait to go back!!