Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Happens In Vegas (Day 2)

Vegas/Day Two:

My sister (who is here to work a trade show) had to run over to the Convention enter in the morning to set up her company's booth. She texts me from the Center and says, "OMG. I am sick and just threw up.". Out of nowhere - WHAM - she's hit with a stomach virus and is in bed for the rest of the day. Bummer.

I love the hotel. There is no casino here, so you don't have all the noise and bells and whistles going off. It's quiet. And they have this awesome fragrance that they are piping in through the ventilation system, so when you walk in the lobby it smells like flowers. It's heaven.

There's some kind of freak front that's blown in and it's not that cold but the wind is whippin'. Not good for poolside fun. Nonetheless, I came to lay out and by golly, I am laying out.

Since my sis is upstairs with a cold cloth on her head, I head for the pool with a stack of magazine to catch some sun. They have a DJ out by the pool who is playing fun music. It's nice that the sun is out and there is a cool breeze. Except for when the sun goes behind a cloud and then it is cold. I chat is up with the couple sitting next to me who is here from Chicago.

Nothing to do and nowhere to be. I am in heaven.

Poolside the The Trump Hotel

By dinner time, My sister has recovered from her weird bug and is good to go, so we spiffy up and head out to dinner.

First we went to Mix at THE hotel at Mandalay Bay. (See photo) It's a very cool place with a small bar menu. It sits atop the THE Hotel and, similar to Ghostbar, has an outside glassed in patio with an amazing view of the Strip. You could see the Luxor, Circus Circus, etc. all lit up. Fantastic ambiance for cocktails.

There was a couple next to us having a heated argument, so we had a great time laughing at them. They were fighting because one of them was totally sober and his partner was smashed. The sober one kept saying, "Don't you dare fall out of your chair.". It was hilarious.

We hung out here for a while and then headed over to Red Square in Mandalay Bay.

Their website says, "With a nod to the glory of Imperial Russia, Red Square Las Vegas transports guests to a world of romance and intrigue. Along with an impressive caviar selection, you'll enjoy such perestroika-inspired Russian and internationally influenced cuisine.

Before or after dinner, experience the exclusive private vodka vault and famous frozen icebar featuring more than 200 frozen vodkas and infusions, martinis and Russian-inspired cocktails."
Basically, it's a Martini Bar. So, we had Martinis! Back home and in bed by 12:30. Ready for Day 3.