Thursday, June 24, 2010

You+Media = Contributor!

Imagine if Facebook and YouTube had a baby. What would that look like? My guess, is that it would look like You+ Media. An exciting new platform launched by local powerhouse, Reid Slaughter.

In their own words, they describe themselves as "primarily, a content company. We tell stories. We are hyper-local, which means we focus on life in the city, the neighborhood, the home.  We love the day-to-day stuff, and we stay connected to the people, institutions, and culture that ultimately define a city’s persona...   

(we) take the best parts of traditional media like radio, television, newspapers and magazines and combine them with online and mobile to create a new, more powerful media experience.  You+Media firmly believes that media should be a two-way experience, and we go to great extremes to engage our users and get them to participate."

I am flattered that I have been asked to be a guest blogger for this site to cover the Park Cities neighborhood. My task? To take my Mommy Blogger experience and explore and report on the venues, events and people that make Park Cities the best place to live.

My first blog post for You + Media posted today! Want to read it? Sign up to join the site and become a part of this exciting new experience.

Look Ma! I'm a Contributor!