Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McCulloch Intermediate School assigns its Teams!

New bumper sticker for the Mini-Van!
There's an interesting transition from Elementary School to Middle School in Park Cities.  In the lower grades, you have one teacher that you pretty much spend the entire day with. At Middle School in Park Cities, they start to transition you to an individualized class schedule by creating "Teams".

Class Assignments arrive!
In 5th grade, a "Team" is made up of four classes of about 25 students each.  There are 5 teams total for 5th grade and each "Team" is made up of 4 teachers and about 100 students. The Teams have names like Team Genius, Team Olympian and Team Hero. The children have one homeroom teacher but travel in packs from one elective class to another, like music, art, P.E. and lunch.

So, they get the feel of moving from class to class, but in safe numbers.  Today, the postcards arrived with the team and teacher assignments. There was MUCH texting, emailing and mobile calling between all of the Parkie Moms this afternoon to see who was in who's class and what friends were with who.  I'm not sure who was more excited, the Moms or the kids!

Middle schoolers... Let the games begin.  August 23 is but a few short days away.