Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You a Diva? Would You Like to Play One on TV?

Attention fellow reality show addicts!

My sources report that Style Network producers are seeking cast members for a second season of Dallas Divas & Daughters.

I can't believe the ratings were high enough to warrant a second season. Did anyone outside of Dallas watch this train wreck of a show? Apparently.  Producers say they are taking this season in a "new direction". Let's hope they take the casting level up a notch. 

So, what is the criteria to be "Diva" enough for this show?  The Producers explain,

Pamela Martin-Duarte with daughter, Hannah
"Do heads turn when you two walk by? 

Are you sometimes mistaken for sisters? 

Is your lifestyle the envy of everyone in your town?

Are you crazy for couture? 

Do you have a love/hate relationship? 

 Do people always tell you, YOU should have your own TV Show? 

Producers want to know!  To be considered, email us right away! Please include contact information, a current photo and your story.  Eligible candidates must live in the greater Dallas, Texas area and daughters should be high school to college age."

Good luck. I'll be watching!