Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jesus Fun with Ozone Ministries

My boy goes to Camp Ozark in Arkansas every summer. He is now of the age, that he can start participating in their Ozone Ministries program during the year.

It's a weekly, one-hour bible study and fellowship group for Middle School and High School aged kids.

Jackson attended his first meeting last night.  When I asked him about what they did, he excitedly talked about fuseball, a game with oreo cookies, how he "owned" with a back-handed pool shot, some sort of tag game with a ball...

Me: "Was there a lesson? Any Jesus talk?"

J: "Oh yeah," he says. "Something about a guy who got beat up and is laying in a ditch and a priest passes him by but some guy, like a Jewish guy, picked him up and took care of him."

Me: "Huh. And what was the lesson in that story?"

J: "Ummm, I can't really remember."

(deep sigh) I'm sure the Jesus stuff will soak in after a time... let us pray on that one.

The classes are run by (what appear to be) high-school aged kids, so the children think they are cool.  It's a fun way to get some positive mojo going... so, in case you are interested, here's the scoop:

High School Ozone
Meets 7:30-9:00 Tuesday nights
Northwest Bible Church (Douglas and NW Hwy) in the new High School Room!
(located on the far east side of the building)

Middle School Ozone
Monday nights from 7:30-8:30 for the rest of the fall!
Northwest Bible Church (Douglas and NW Hwy) in the new Jr. High room.
Come in the front entrance to the church and we will be the double doors on your right!

Also, 5th and 6th Grade HPMS guys will meet at 7:00 AM Thursday mornings in the new room on the 3rd floor of the middle school!