Thursday, October 7, 2010

Talking Mommy Blogging in Dallas with Renay San Miguel

Let me just apologize to my friends right now, because my head is about to get so big that you will probably find me insufferable for the next few days.

I was recently contacted by SplashCast to film a segment about Mommy Blogging. The host of their show is nationally renown broadcast journalist, Renay San Miguel.  He is a former CNN news anchor and worked for Dallas station WFAA years ago.

The studio was super cool and more than a little intimidating. The only place I've seen this many knobs and buttons and levers and keyboards was on an airplane.

We filmed in a studio that was the bluest blue I have ever seen (see photo). Like Blue Man Group blue.  The floor and all of those graphics in the background of the video were digitally added in. We were standing in a blue room with a table. That's it. So, it's weird to see the finished product knowing all that stuff behind me was created digitally.

Watch the video... Do you notice how my hair does not move?  At all? They lacquered me down with Aqua Net so there wouldn't be any "flyaways".  Fortunately, that's the only thing that looks stiff! I feel good about the finished product. I didn't embarrass myself and I come off sounding reasonably intelligent.

You'd never guess I spent 15 years in sales, huh!?  Let me know what you think!

SplashCast: Dallas Mommy Blogger Cynthia Smoot
October 7, 2010 By Renay San Miguel

You know the mommy blogging phenomenon has reached critical mass when consumer products companies court them as key influencers and government regulators feel the need to step in and enforce transparency. SplashCast host Renay San Miguel discusses all this, as well as the future of this segment of the blogging population, with Cynthia Smoot, Dallas ad agency executive who writes the Oh So Cynthia mommy blog.