Friday, December 17, 2010

It takes a village... and it's made out of duct tape.

The week before any holiday is always great for kids. Teachers are worn out from the months of rigorous lesson planning and assignments. The kids are hyped up on hoobie goobies and are bouncing off the walls from the sheer thought of a break.

Today, there was an open house to visit Ms. Cooper's Christmas Village, created by the 5th grade students at McCulloch Middle School.  Each child had to use a shoe box, a roll of duct tape and a box of Christmas lights to create their building.  Then they could customize it with photos or small toys.

The Girls had imaginative displays filled with bright lights, detailed accessories and thoughtful details.  They had a dance club with a red carpet, a spa and a shopping mall.

North Pole Post Office
North Pole Scene
The Boys, on the other hand, had a Country Club with a pool, golf course and tennis court. An ESPN Sports Center, a Zombie bar and various assorted sports and war themed buildings.

ESPN Sports Center
Swimming Pool and Country Club
There is one thing that both sexes agree on.  And that is that Justin Beiber ROCKS.


As of 1:45 PM today, the little monsters are running free! Enjoy your holiday!!