Thursday, January 27, 2011

FrontBurner Live rocks the Granada

If there's one thing the folks at D Magazine know how to do - it's throw a party.  I should know, because I worked there for 3 years and helped to plan more than a few.  And when I say "plan" I mean, I gave the marketing people my invite list and showed up for the drinks.

Tonight, they threw a bash in celebration of their blog, FrontBurner, to thank readers for their "thoughtful contributions and unwavering support of our online efforts. Or, you know, for your expletive-laden, hateful comments that we are forced to moderate. Whichever."

One thing D editors know how to do is write witty prose or "snarky" quips. It's a talent. They have it. 

Tim Rogers & Me
On sale inside the lobby, were these cool T-shirts that read, "My comment is in moderation" with proceeds benefiting the Notre Dame School.  Modeling one here is D Editor, Tim Rogers (with me).
The event featured performances by Seryn and Telegraph Canyon and food from several of the restaurants D Magazine named the best of 2010: Nova, Brownstone, Urban Taco, and Meddlesome Moth.

Jane McGarry & Gordon Keith
Guests included "a select number of commenters that we’ve come to know and love (or hate) over the years. A certain number of — ahem — prominent Dallasites.  (Big Bob Wilonsky, yours is in the mail!)"

Sadly, we did not encounter Big Bob a.k.a. Robert Wilonsky.  We did however, run into Jane McGarry and Gordon Keith at the bar.

Congrats to D (and by that I mean Marketing Director and party planner extraordinaire, Jessica Baldwin) on another fantastic party. 

Seryn rocked the house