Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cast changes rumored for Most Eligible Dallas

Drama alert!  It was just days ago that Bravo announced a new "jaw-dropping" reality docu-series called "Most Eligible: Dallas" to their new Fall line-up and already I hear there is already a major cast change underway.

Usually, you would jump to conclusions that the drama must be among the women... but, oh no! It's the men on this show that are stirring the pot.  Rumor has it that one male cast member is being demoted from primary cast member to secondary status, meaning he will make appearances as a "friend of the cast" but will not be credited as a cast member.

"Most Eligible: Dallas" male cast members:
(Top) Landon Ledford and Glenn Pakulak
(Bottom) Matt Nordgren, Drew Ginsburg and Daylon Periera

Was it bad behavior that got our boy demoted or did Bravo realize one of their picks just wasn't that interesting once they started filming?  Surely it wasn't bad behavior, that that usually gets you more camera time!  My source was hesitant to say, so I guess we will have to figure it out for ourselves once the episodes hit the air.  Or until I get a few more cocktails in him/her for more details.

Stay tuned and watch what happens.