Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's official. "A-List" is coming to Dallas!

I don't know how much more space I have on my DVR, but I better make some room because there is yet another reality TV show about to begin filming in Dallas!

I've hung onto this post for a week because I have scoop about who's going to be in the cast, but everything I know I was told "off the record" and until I can get someone to bless it, I don't want to spill the beans. So..... this is what you get for now:

New York Cast of A-List

The official press release states, "Proving you don't have to reside in N.Y.C. to be fabulous, the cast of "The A-List: Dallas" is set to gallop onto the reality scene with a group of Dallas-based gay men and sassy straight women who lead racy and high-limits lives. 

Deep in the heart of Texas, this cast of socialite scene-making men and women are out to prove their New York counterparts have not cornered the market on having big dreams and bigger dramas.  Dallas has recently surged onto the pop culture radar as a focal point for food, fashion and fabulous, earning it a spot worthy of exploring with this top-tier cast of natives."

We're just now "worthy of exploration"? Really? Huh. I think Dallas has been pretty fabulous for a while now... But, that's just me.