Friday, April 1, 2011

Scoop from the set of GCB: Good Christian Bitches

So, what is it like to be an extra on the set of a TV show or movie?  I put out the word last week that the new ABC pilot of Good Christian Bitches (or GCB, as it's being called right now) was looking for extras who "had the Highland Park look".  Filming took place in Highland Park earlier this week and one of my devoted readers (not the girl pictured) who made the cut, emailed me about her experiences on the set:

Jennie Lieber on the set of GCB
"You had to do your own hair and make-up and bring your own clothes.  A wardrobe consultant picked out 2 of my outfits out of 5 for filming.  We filmed at 2 different churches and at one point, a small crowd formed to watch the filming.

It was a cool experience to see tricks of the trade.  For example, in a small room with wooden floors, extras took off their shoes to cut down on the noise of high heels clicking on the wooden floors.  Also, they used these light generators to shine light indoors to make it seem like it was daytime when we filmed interior shots at night.

They referred to all of the extras as "background talent."  And they talked to us in movie lingo.  For example, "Reset" meant back to your original position before filming.  "Background" meant start pantomiming, walking, etc.

The actresses wear slippers in-between takes so that their feet won't get sore.  If someone wants to be an extra, I suggest that they bring a big purse to hold flip flops to wear during down time. 

Sometimes the hair stylists would stop by and brush our hair.  That was one of my favorite parts, I love feeling pampered!  I would also recommend that if someone wants to be an extra that they bring their own food.  The food was ok, but I am a very picky, healthy eater.

Expect long hours!  It is a lot of standing around and pantomiming. We were paid minimum wage $7.25 per hour plus overtime. But, I would definitely recommend the experience to others."

If you are interested in being an extra for TV and movies filming in and around Dallas, contact Cache Casting for future opportunities!