Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cast of "Big Rich Texas" Stomp the Runway for Uptown Consignment

The older I get, the more I find myself turning into my Mother. A prime example of this fact, is that I cannot bear to pay retail for anything.  I am always on the prowl for a bargain and resale shopping is a great way find fantastic treasures at affordable prices.

One of my favorite fashion haunts is Uptown Consignment. Run by sisters Connie Dieb and Camille Umland, this little boutique is a gem of a store with fabulous finds.  They specialize in upscale lables and Estate Sale finds. They are all about quality over quantity making the store a pleasure to peruse.

 (top left) Photographer Beau Bumpas and Cynthia Smoot  (top right) Lisa Petty and Jim Duran
(botom) Eric Oliver, Jr., Cathy Vieth and Juan Lerma

The store celebrated it's one year anniversary by holding a runway show this past Thursday night. Grey skies caused a last minute venue switch from an outdoor rooftop show to an indoor venue downtown. Eric Oliver, Jr and Juan Lerma of Amrel Revilo Productions, who were producing the show, didn't even break a sweat with this left-field pitch. They were calm and collected when I saw them backstage, and just plain giddy to be a part of this exciting show.

 Big Rich Texas Cast (Moms): Melissa, Bonnie and Leslie

I thought they were all a-flutter becasue this was their second show as a company... but no! The real reason for all the back-stage drama was that the models for the runway show were none other than the cast of the Style Network's new reality show, Big Rich Texas. Otherwise known as Dallas Divas and Daughters, Season 2. The network hasn't determined what they are calling it.  Stylist Sam Saladino did an amazing job narrating the runway show with lively commentary about each outfit and it's model.

  Big Rich Texas Cast (Daughters): Maddie, Whitney and Grace

Style reporter for The Feast, Lisa Petty looked redonkulous in a form-fitting Versace dress (on loan from Uptown Consignment) and Chic and Cheap blogger, Dora Chu and I had a lively conversation over whose outfit was a better bargain. She looked very chic in a Prada dress scored at Uptown Consignment, but I definitely had the better bargain with my $8 dress scored at the recent Rummage Roundup held by the Dallas Junior League.  So, we each won the argument on different points.  She had the better label, I had the better price point.

Congrats to Connie and Camille on their first birthday. Here's hoping for many fruitful years of bargain-hunting to come!

Uptown Consignment 4152 Cole Ave. at Fitzhugh  |  Dallas  |  75204