Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get ready for cat fights and drama: "Big Rich Texas" has begun filming

Get ready folks... the reality TV train is steaming down the track full speed ahead. Dallas is about to get busy.

The Style Network recently announced a new Dallas reality show to their Fall line-up.  Gear up for Big Rich Texas – a one-hour docu-series with 10 episodes that will take viewers on the inside of the elite Dallas social scene following five rich and competitive mothers and their spoiled daughters. ("competitive" means there will be lots of "Oh no she did'unt" drama!)

"In addition to the one-of-a-kind personalities and 24/7 drama, what separates this series from the bunch is the unique focus on the mother-daughter relationships that fuel their lives,” says Salaam Coleman Smith, president, The Style Network.

Wait... this is the same network that aired Dallas Divas and Daughters which was a total disaster.  Do they really think by taking the same format and changing the show's title, it will fair better?  Interesting.

Style claims "the cast of "Big Rich Texas" is a Who's Who of Dallas’ elite inner circle". Uh-huh.

Queen Bee Dena is a former L.A. rock groupie who married into Texas money.  Her husband’s family struck it rich in Dallas real estate, and Dena is always bound and determined to be noticed among Dallas society.  Her daughter, Jade, claims to hate the country club lifestyle, but seems to enjoy the perks.  Dena and Jade have a complicated relationship, made even more so by Jade’s desire to forge her own identity outside of her mother’s demanding expectations.

Bonnie has a PhD and three novels to her credit.  She was born into Dallas money but rejected the rules of a high-society lifestyle early on. Now a self-made millionaire, she wants back in, but she still wants to do things her way – along with her rebellious daughter Whitney.  They are quite a team, shopping and undergoing mother-daughter plastic surgery together.

Southern Belles Paula, her daughter Shanelle and mom Althean represent three generations of Dallas society with three completely different points of view on practically everything.  Mom of five Paula sees herself as the perfect homemaker and mother, 16 year-old daughter Shanelle is going through her rebellious stage and at 65 years young, sexy grandma Althean is a self-made woman, the founder of an all-girls school and Dallas royalty.

Former model Melissa is approaching 40 and hoping to get back on the catwalk.  15 year-old daughter Maddie is determined to have a say in her mother’s life including who she dates, and will do anything to get her way.  It’s a battle of wills between this mother-daughter duo as Maddie constantly tests her mother’s limits.

Recently divorced Connie is out to prove herself as an independent business owner with her designer consignment boutique business.  Her daughter Grace, a trendsetter and rule breaker, is determined to become the head cheerleader on one of the nation’s most prestigious high school cheerleading squads.  This pair likes to consider themselves more as best friends rather than mother and daughter.

So, can you figure out who any of these families are by reading their names and descriptions? If so, let me know!  Filming began April 26.  Look for Big Rich Texas to premiere this July.