Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Quinones asks Parkies, "What would YOU do?"

Ever seen ABC’s segment on 20/20 called What Would You Do hosted by John Quinones


 It’s the one where actors play out some scene that poses a moral dilemma while the reaction of innocent bystanders is secretly recorded.  Just when some unsuspecting citizen leaps in to save the day- or minds his own business and walks away- Quinones pops out for an interview. 


Park Cities People reported yesterday that John Quinones was filming in Snider Plaza last month for an upcoming segment. 


Over the course of a day, about 8 guests were exposed to an easily overheard conversation in which a teen couple discussed an unplanned pregnancy, the boy urging his girlfriend to have an abortion. At least two area women felt led to intervene.

A Short Stop employee confirmed that a few people were upset about being filmed, others took the opportunity to share their motives for getting involved.

The episode is expected to air on May 20.