Friday, June 24, 2011

Picture Perfect Poses

Remember when you were in college and the highlight of any date party was the Party Pic photographer? You'd grab your sorority sisters, smash your faces together and say "Whiskey!!" - or something to that affect.

The year this was taken has been blurred to protect the innocent...

Now that I am a "grown up" some of the nuances of party pics have changed, but the photographer is still the most popular person at any party.  Ladies don't yell out nasty words or our favorite shots anymore... we just whisper them silently in our heads as we smile sweetly for the camera.  What hasn't changed much are the poses one should strike to achieve the perfect party photograph.

Below are a few of the standard poses that any girl should have down in her mental arsenal of poses. Depending on where you find yourself in the line-up, you should be ready to strike the appropriate pose at a moment's notice.

The Sugar Bowl  
This is when the ladies on either end of a photo place one hand on their hip to form a "sugar bowl" formation. 

Shirin Askari and Leigh Bailey demonstrate the
"Sugar Bowl" technique at DIFFA 2011
Cathy Vieth and Oh So Cynthia strike this sweet pose at
the Uptown Consignment First Anniversary Party

The Teapot  
This is a modified version of the "Sugar Bowl" but only involves one person with her hand on one hip. "Just tip, me over and pour me out!"

Teffy Jacobs at the Fresh Faces event at Park Place Motors 2011

The Glance
Sometimes one is wearing an outfit that is equally as fabulous in the back as the front, or sometimes the back is the showstopper altogether. This is when The Glance comes in.  It's when you turn your back to the camera and "glance" back over your shoulder at the photographer, giving a come hither look or a dazzling smile.
Tara Harper strikes the Teapot, while Courtney Kerr
gives me The Glance at DIFFA 2011

Peace Out
  Holding up two fingers in a Peace sign is a signature move for Bohemian types like Kate Hudson and my gal pal, Bri Crum.
Peace and Love, Baby! Allison Volk, Bri Crum
and Janet Fresquez at DIFFA 2011

So, next time you are at an event and you see the photographer roaming the room, think about these poses.  And remember to say (in your head) "Whiskey!"  I promise, it makes it much more fun.