Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ahab Bowen Shuts Its Doors July 31

I was so sad to learn yesterday that Dallas' premier vintage clothing store, Ahab Bowen, is shuttering after 35 years in business.  July 31 will mark the last day this iconic store sells its last feather boa or sparkly shoe.  Since I already had plans to lunch at Bread Winners yesterday, I decided to stop by and see what was happening over there.

It was no surprise that I ran into DFW Daily Style editor, Lisa Petty, coming out of the store with a big bag.  She snagged an awesome pair of black vintage cowboy boots for under $30. In my size too! Dang it... if I had just been 15 minutes earlier those boots would've been mine!

(left) 1970s dress for $28 (top right) Ahab Bowen exterior (bottom right) dresses for sale (photo by D Magazine)

DFW Daily Style reports that "all items at Ahab Bowen are currently 25 percent off, and will be marked down to 50 percent off on Monday, July 18th. Right now you’ll find racks full of vintage dresses and skirts, plus men’s tees and dress shirts and plenty of accessories for everyone. Owner Michael Longcrier will be replenishing stock with additional items from his warehouse throughout these final days. Post-July, items that have not sold will be available at Dolly Python."

(top left) 1960s house dress for under $30 (bottom left) 1950s dress for under $30 
(right) beautiful 1950s ball gown for $125

Longcrier reportedly told friends that "after three years without seeing much profit, the store was becoming more of a hobby than a business." It's a shame...  Hurry over to Ahab Bowen and enjoy the hunt for your treasures at this one-of-a-kind store.

Ahab Bowen  |  2614 Boll Street  |  Dallas, TX  |  75209  |  214-720-1874