Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Rich Texas Stomped the Runway in Episode 3

Tonight's Big Rich Texas, episode 3 was SO fun to watch....

Not because of the cat fight between Connie and Leslie:  Connie was being a little sensitive.  I mean, Leslie is a pageant expert, so her helping Bonnie pick out her outfit and showing the girls how to stomp the runway is just second nature to her! Connie, she was just trying to be helpful... Bless her little heart.

And it wasn't the cat fight between Pam and Leslie: Listen, change is good! Sometimes you gotta shake things up... literally! Like, with a Zumba class. Try it, Pam!  I bet Ignacio would like to see you shakin' your money maker around the mansion. I'm just sayin'.

 Kalyn and Whitney scrap down over Tyler's affections

And it wasn't even the cat fight between Whitney and Kalyn over Tyler (although that was really good): Kalyn, sweetie, you will soon learn that teenage boys don't want nice girls. They want sluts who will have sex with them.  And even if they like you, it's not because you are a nice girl. It's because they see a girl who might have sex with them. It's ALL they think about.  On the positive side, you will soon learn that sex is your greatest weapon asset and when you learn how to harness your powers, the world is your oyster! Take a lesson from Whitney.

No, although all of those fights were pretty entertaining, this was my favorite episode so far because so many of my friends made cameo appearances! Including me!! Let's break it down and give some of the unsung style stars in this town a shout out:

At the rehearsal for Connie's show, we saw Eric Oliver, Jr. and Juan Lerma (with some random dude).  Eric and Juan operate Amrel Revilo Productions and were the producers of Connie's fashion show. They are new to the fashion scene but have impressed Dallas fashionistas with their style savvy and passion for fashion.

Remember when Pam called in to cancel on Connie's show because "Spain is too lovely to come back to muggy Dallas"?  Connie was flipping through a rack of clothes... and, hey! Recognize those pants? They are the Burberry trousers I now own and wore last week for my WFAA Daybreak appearance to talk about this show (among others).  I had to give them a nod.

See that blurry face on the left? That's ME! Whoo hoo! In a cameo with pageant Queen, Leslie Birkland, I got a few seconds on the telly at the Uptown Consignment fashion show. 

Who was that man in the turquoise shirt caressing Melissa's tresses at the fashion show? That's none other than Christian Iles, the self-proclaimed "Beauty Architect" and "Dr. Hair" of Dallas.

My gal pal and DFW Style Daily creator, Lisa Petty, never misses a fashion show. No fashion moment happens in this town without her and Connie's show was no exception.  I love Lisa's point-of-view and thoughtful approach to fashion. Check out her new website to get in the know on all the latest style news.

Spotted in the audience of the fashion show was Dora Chu. Chu calls herself a "recessionista" and is a personal shopper who has a flare for finding designer duds at consignment and resale shops. She has a knack for making her clients look like a million bucks without spending a hundred bucks! She writes a blog called Cheap and Chic by Dora.

Also on the fringes of the show, was stylist extraordinaire, Jim Duran. Unlike Dora, Jim's style is champagne wishes and caviar dreams. He's all about luxury and keeps his clients in designer couture. You can catch Jim's style musings at DFW Style Daily where he is a regular Contributor.

My second appearance of the night came as Leslie slithered down the runway. The camera caught me at the end of the catwalk (where I usually am) taking photographs. 

And my last shout out goes to Camille Umland (pictured right),  She's Connie's sister and partner in Uptown Consignment. Connie may be getting all of the glory from being on this show, but Camille is just as much a part of the store's success and deserves big kuddos for keeping the stocked, styled and running smoothly while sis busy being a TV star.  So, shout out to Camille!

Did I miss anybody? Who did you see in this episode?