Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas Women: Episode One

Episode One gives us our first glimpse of the 4 ladies who will star in this season of Texas Women.  The main thrust of this episode was the fight between new roommates, Anna and Hannah.

In case you missed it, here's what went down in tonight's main event: the new roomies head out for Girls Night Out, Hannah has the manners of a goat and starts whisting at the bar staff to come hither and service her.

Anna says "Oh, no, you did'unt" and playfully whacks her in the head with a menu, Hannah goes ballistic and palm-smacks Anna in the head.  Anna starts wagging her finger in Hannah's face and saying, "Bless your heart" and "Let me tell you how life works".  

And so it begins...

Here are a few observations from this first episode:
  1. The Greenwood Saloon (where Ali Dee played her gig) looks awesome.  It has that Gruene Hall kind of vibe.  I really made me want to go there, drink a cold beer and dance with a cowboy.
  2. We learned that Ali Dee works for the Dallas Mavericks hosting the team's behind-the-scenes Mavs Insider magazine show.  Brooke Jeter is a professional barrel racer. Anna Hunt raises ball-busting bucking Broncos.  And then there's Hannah Helvey... does she have a job? What does she do?
  3. Ali Dee is actually a decent singer.
  4. Fort Worth looks like a very cool, happening place in this show. Which it is! It's nice to see them filming all over different town to show the differnt aspects of the city: from it wide open countryside to the urban nightlife.
  5. Brooke Jeter looks like she is as sweet as a tall glass of Texas sweet tea, but that voice! I don't know if I can get past the little baby-girl voice.  I do like that she is married. Gives the show a little diversity.
  6. Not that this was in the show, but I have to point out that I read that Anna Hunt is a Californian who just shared a place with Helvey in Fort Worth while filming the show.  Really?  Out of the whole humungous state, the producers could not find a girl who is actually from Texas worth casting for this show? They actually brought someone in from California? WTF.
I am intrigued enough to keep watching. How about you?
Check out Texas Women on CMT every Thursday at 10/9 Central.