Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Chef IS Filming in Texas

There has been a lot of speculation about Top Chef's upcoming season.  Are they filming in Texas or aren't they?

Last week word came that Bravo's top rated cooking competition show, Top Chef definitely was shooting in San Antonio at the end of June.  Gail Simmons told a local blogger who found herself dining at the same restaurant as the cast, "You tweeted this location and have compromised our ..." and now multiple sources are revealing that the next season of Top Chef is going to be Top Chef Texas with filming also taking place in Dallas and Austin.

You MUST read this blog post from the poor girl who stumbled onto filming in San Antonio a few weeks ago and got accosted by the cast and crew for tweeting about the experience. When will people learn that social media has changed everything and there are no secrets anymore. None. Don't film in public if you don't want people tweeting and Facebooking about it. Period.

Has anybody spotted the cast of Top Chef in Dallas or have the inside scoop on where they will be!? Let me know!!