Monday, August 1, 2011

Bachelorette Party Blowout with Big Rich Texas

There's nothing better than a Girl's Night Out and when it's your bachelorette party, it's a Girl's Night Out Gone Wild!  Let's throw into the mix that two of your best friends are Whitney Whatley and Bonnie Blossman from Big Rich Texas...  and that means you can just crank up the volume about 10 decibels on that party. 

Bon Blossman, Whitney Whatley and Sylvia Ruck
Such was the case when Whitney helped her gal pal, Sylvia Ruck, say farewell to singledom at her bachelorette party last Friday night at Monica's Aca y Alla in Deep Ellum.   After dinner and drinks, the girls joined in on Monica's famous conga line.  Bonnie then tweeted, "K at the end of the conga line, they pour tequila in ur this like anti communion?"  No, Bonnie. That's just called a good time!  The party wrapped up the night at Teddy's Room for a burlesque show. 

(left) Whitney Whatley and bride-to-be Sylvia Ruck     (right) Conga line at Monica's Aca y Alla

I wish Sylvia the best of luck with her upcoming nuptials. Question though... Is Whitney a bridesmaid? And if so, what's your tattoo policy?  Don't worry I hear she's great at covering them up for high end events.