Friday, August 19, 2011

H&M Opens in NorthPark Center

Lucky me! I got to attend the VIP launch party for the new 24,000 square foot H&M store at NorthPark Center on Wednesday night. The 2-story store was a sea of recessionistas all there to grab fashionable bargains.

Shoppers will not be disappointed in the offerings by H&M, which include Womens (1st floor), Men's and Children's (2nd floor) clothing, shoes and accessories.

As I was tearing through the store like a mad woman to find bargains, I spotted Rhonda Sargent Chambers chatting it up with Jackson from Barneys, jewelry designer Amber Venz checking out the accessories (no surprise), fellow style bloggers Allison and Courtney Edwards from Where Wear In The City and Elissa Stern from Dress With Courage were prowling the place and Leon & Molly Banowetz who were browsing through the kids department for their two adorable tykes.

(top left) DJ Jennifer Miller, "Oh So Cynthia" Smoot and Bri Crum*  (top right) DJ Lucy 
Wrubel with Hamilton Sneed  (bottom) happy shoppers* 

 And, of course, what would an outing in Dallas be these days without a reality TV star sighting!?  It wasn't exactly shocking to see Courtney Kerr from Bravo TV's Most Eligible Dallas who's a "slave to fashion" alongside gal pal, Tori Gonzales.

So, you might be wondering why exactly, is H&M so popular? 

One of the main reasons is that H&M creates  collaborations every year with top designers, such as Stella McCartney and Versace, and brings affordable collections to the masses. Take H&M×Lanvin as an example, the regular price for Lanvin’s clothes ranges from $1000 and $3000, however, H&M×Lanvin line only ranges from $30 to $200!  They also constantly encourage people to wear their clothes in different ways through their LOOKBOOK which helps to teach customers to wear differently.

H&M is a welcome addition to the Dallas fashion scene and I, for one, will be a frequent visitor.  Check out Lisa Petty's website DFWStyleDaily on Monday. Lisa and fellow blogger, Sean Charles from attended the public Grand Opening mob scene on Thursday and will have a full report and lots of pics.

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photo credit: Peter Wynne/Plano Pete