Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shooting Stars Debuts January 2012

Jackson Smoot, Gerald McRaney and Griffin Perotti
I recently had the opportunity to visit the set of "Shooting Stars".  This upcoming series, filmed right here in Dallas, could easily be compared to "Dancing with the Stars," with a format that pairs each celebrity with a professional shooter in a competition for charity.

Consisting of six, 1-hour episodes, slated to air on Discovery’s Velocity network in January 2012, the event brings together three of the top trick shooters in the world and three celebrities. Scott Robertson, Tom Knapp and Tim Bradley will wow the audience of 500+ with their amazing trick shooting skills, while the celebrities, NBA basketball legend Karl Malone, actor Gerald McRaney and actor Cole Hauser, show off their own shotgun shooting skills.

Each shooting event, to be an episode of Shooting Stars, will consist of 3 challenges for both the pro and celebrity shooter and the winning team celebrity of each episode will donate their $5,000 prize money to the charity of their choice. 

Cynthia with Cole Houser
McRaney almost lost his life to lung cancer in 2004 and it was the folks at MD Anderson who successfully treated him. He is looking to repay the favor and has selected them as his charity of choice for this show.

Houser is playing for Camp Patriot. Run "by a buddy" of his, this amazing charity strives to renew the dreams and visions of our disabled veterans for a meaningful future by bringing disabled American Veterans to the great State of Montana for outdoor adventures of their choosing.  Houser also told me that he working on developing a new TV show that, if picked up by a network, will hopefully film in Dallas or Austin. (Fingers crossed!)  

Malone was not present at the media event I attended, so I didn't get to visit with him about his charitable selection.

I took my son and a buddy out to Elm Fork Shooting Sports, where the show was filmed, to watch the action and get more scoop on this upcoming competition show. Here's my recap as originally aired on WFAA's Daybreak: