Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Texas Women Feud is in Full Tilt

Country Music Television (CMT) and Kirby Schlegel threw a bash last night to celebrate the success of CMT's newest show, "Texas Women".  In addition to the cast of Texas Women, a bevvy of cheerleading beauties from "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" and host Evan Farmer from CMT's "Top 20 Countdown" were also in attendance.

The party was held at Kirby's penthouse pad at the W Hotel, which boasts some spectacular views of Downtown Dallas. I found the pairing of CMT and the Schlegel's very odd. When I think of country music, boot scootin' and rodeos - the wealthy, sophisticated, conservative Schlegel family does NOT come to mind.

Apparently, they share the same PR firm, and as one CMT Producer said to me, "Look at this penthouse! There's no way we were gonna turn down a chance to party here!" I had to agree. It was pretty awesome.

I had initially declined the invite because I was already committed to attend another event. But when news of a major scandal and subsequent feud between the girls of Texas Women broke Monday... I reconsidered.  Once I had confirmed that all four gals were scheduled to attend, I decided that this could be a verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting evening.  So, off I went.

I had already met and interviewed Jason and Booke Jeter and Ali Dee a couple of weeks ago, when they were interviewed on WFAA's Daybreak. If you watch the show you know that Brooke's horse, Whiskey, had some injuries and has been out of commission for a few months. Brooke was so excited to tell me that Whiskey is doing great and after a week of aqua-training at the horsey spa (which is like water aerobics for horses) he will be ready to come home. 

When Hannah Helvey and a hobbled Anna Hunt walked in, Brooke and Jason beelined it for the other end of the penthouse. And that's how they stayed for the whole time I was there - all of the girls were like caged cats, circling the room trying to stay as far apart as possible and not make eye contact.  Personally, I was hoping for a smackdown, but alas, twas not to be. 

Kirby Schlegel and Levi Crocker
I was actually excited to meet Anna because I really like her on the show.  She's every bit as personable and spunky in person.The first thing I had to ask her was what happened to her foot. It was all wrapped up and she came in on crutches. She sheepishly said that she had been at Hannah's the night before to have a glass of wine, tripped and fell and broke a bone in her foot. I told her that was the most uninteresting story I had ever heard and she needed to make up a better one.

I suggested she say that her bull, Jackson, had bucked her off during a training exercise or something. "Maybe I should say I broke it kicking Brooke's ass," Anna quipped. We giggled for the next 5 minutes, coming up with story ideas. And that, was about as close to we got to talking about the feud. I was too ladylike to ask, plus I knew I would just get a politically correct, CMT-approved spin answer - so what was the point.

I was kind of surprised when Levi Crocker, from the upcoming Logo show A-List: Dallas walked in, until I was reminded that CMT and Logo are a part of the same network family.  Their show debuts October 3 and promises to live up the A-List reputation of lots of Queeny drama. Should be good!!

An hour into the party, I had to make hasty retreat and rush across town to make the VitaminWater Fashion Show. More on that to come. If there was a catfight, I hope it didn't break out after I left. That would be a real bummer...