Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Rich Texas: Blinging for Charity

Fans of Big Rich Texas had the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with many of the cast members this past Sunday at a signing at Uptown Consignment - an upscale resale store owned by cast member, Connie Dieb.  For $35, you could purchase a blinged out Big Rich Texas Tee (as seen on Pam below) and have it autographed by the cast.  All proceeds from the sale of these shirts and a portion of sales from the store, went to benefit the Austin Street Centre.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to chat up the ladies about what's been happening on the show this season and get their thoughts on a Season 2...

Pamela Martin-Duarte, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Maddie Poe and Melissa Poe

I was talking to Melissa Poe about Fashion's Night Out when a woman came up and said, "I just love your character on the show!". To which Melissa smiled and said "Thank you" and talked with her for a bit about the season. After the woman walked away, I asked Melissa and Pamela Martin (who had walked up on the conversation), "Is to weird to have someone say they like your "character"? I mean, you're playing yourself on the show - even though you are kind of acting and it's not really 100% you. Right?"

Melissa and Pam both agreed that it is a bit strange to be putting yourself out there when you are given scenarios to work with and a direction to aim for with each scene. They are being themselves, but sometimes they say things they wouldn't normally say or do things they wouldn't normally do because the Producers want the scene to go a certain way or for them to play up a certain dynamic.  Make sense? It can be confusing. Even to them!

Pam's probably the one who is most different from her TV persona. I have a great affinity for strong willed, ball-busting women to don't take any smack off people - but are very genteel about their approach. Think Steele Magnolias. That's Pam. She told me she's been watching old episodes of "Dallas" and using J.R. Ewing as the inspiration for her character.  She has a great sense of humor about the whole thing and said, "If you don't come into this (TV world) knowing who you are, you can get lost or confused pretty quick."

She was very excited to tell me that she is about to send off her second novel to her Publisher for release in the Spring. If you follow the show, you already know that she published her debut novel earlier this year. A political conspiracy thriller called "Hard Whispers".  This new book will be the second in the trilogy. 

Since Pamela and Hannah were cast right before they started filming, they weren't a part of the promotional photo shoot for the show. Hence their absence from this photo. I like that Pamela signed the bull. Sort of fitting...

Casting has already begun for Season Two of Big Rich Texas, so of course, I had to ask who had plans to return.  Connie, Melissa and Pam all raised their hands and said they were more than willing to return IF they could come to terms on their contract. And you know what that means.


You know how Ashton Kutcher just got signed to replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men for $700,000 an episode? You hear these things and you think that everyone on a TV gets paid oodles of moola. Well, you would be mistaken. It's not polite to talk about money, so I'm not going to say exactly how much they are getting paid, but you know that $700,000 figure I just told you about? Well, take off 2 decimal points and divide by half. Now, divide by half again and you know what ballpark they are playing in. With no gas, car or clothing allowance.

So, you can understand how, after a season of proven ratings, the ladies are looking for some love from the Style Network.  I hope that they all find the love they are looking for.  Because the Country Club just won't be the same with out them!   You can catch Big Rich Texas on the Style Network every Sunday at 9 PM.

The Centre's primary purpose for existence is to offer emergency shelter and related services to the homeless person in a compassionate Christian community, so that the person in need might be better able to make responsible choices and changes in their lives. The Centre has a particular ministry of caring for those who suffer from various physical and mental disabilities, unable to care for themselves, with few or no available alternatives. This includes 24-hour shelter care for those persons recovering from serious illness or injury.