Friday, September 16, 2011

Lisa Garza is Cooking Up Aprons for a Cause

Earlier this year, Lisa Garza debuted a line of vintage-inspired hostess aprons, called Caviar Couture.  Last night, Lisa unveiled her latest entry to the collection at Neiman's Downtown: a set of Mother-Daughter aprons with net proceeds going to benefit Vogel Alcove.  Lisa told me that every apron is named after a woman in Lisa's life.

In honor of her partnership with the Vogel Alcove, these aprons were named after best friends and co-founders of this charity.  The Mother's apron is named "Thelma" for Thelma Vogel and retails for $75.  The Daughter's apron is named "Doris" for Doris Budner and retails for $55.  Each apron is available in white or pink.

Lisa Garza in a Couture Caviar hostess apron with Kim Rozell who's sporting the "Thelma" apron

Vogel Alcove is a wonderful charity providing daycare services to homeless children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.  Since 1987 the Vogel Alcove has offered homeless parents a safe place to leave their children while they work to rebuild their lives. The Alcove remains the only early childhood program in Dallas whose primary focus is to serve very young homeless children residing with their families in local homeless and domestic violence shelters. My marketing firm is currently working with them on various projects, so I know firsthand what a tremendous job they do.  Lisa is a passionate partner with Vogel Alcove because of her own past experience with homelessness.

In a 2008 post on the Food Network Addict, Lisa said,
"Anyone who really knows me, knows this, I overcame a very difficult and abusive childhood to be the strong woman I am today. I will never forget where I came from. I will never forget what it feels like to be hopeless and in need of love. I don't throw change at the homeless; I hug them, I love them and I feed them.  I am sick to death of all these beautiful celebs eating up the attention and not addressing real issues. I don't think food TV does enough to educate the public on how hard we work to feed the homeless, how many millions of dollars are raised because we donate our time, food, and service to charity events, sometimes, during the busiest time of our year.... Divas have hearts too, big ones. "
I like a woman who puts her money where her mouth is. Caviar Couture aprons are available at  Neiman Marcus in the Downtown and Northpark locations.