Friday, September 9, 2011

My Most Eligible Dallas Appearance

This week marked episode 4 for Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo. I knew if I was going to appear in any episode, this would be the one. And, hot damn, there I was - albeit for a brief moment of glory.  The episode primarily centered around Drew Ginsburg and his involvement with the Style Council, which gets recognized at one of Dallas' largest annual galas, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS  - otherwise known as DIFFA.

Yep, there's me in the blue dress filming the runway show!

Although I had already been talking and texting with Drew for a while prior this event, he was gun shy about acknowledging me out in public, so we didn't interact at the event - except to text each other from across the ballroom.  There hadn't been much press about the show at that point because they were so early into the filming.  Maybe he was just nervous that night because he had his new boyfriend there.  I have to thank him though, because he did send Tara and Courtney over to meet me that night saying, "Go talk to her and make nice.  She's a blogger."  It was the start of a beautiful friendship with the whole cast...well, everyone except for Neill. And I owe all these many posts to my sweet Drewcifer.

I took this video of "friend of cast" member, Daylon Pereira, walking in the runway show. And THIS moment is where my 3 seconds of Bravo TV fame comes into play. I love this video because you can hear Courtney in the background saying, "I love my gay husband!"

Every girl, needs a gay. Just sayin'.  And every blogger needs TV time. Score!