Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tiffany Derry launches Private|Social

Tiffany Derry explains Private|Social
Last Thursday, Tiffany Derry hosted the media for an exclusive luncheon to preview her highly anticipated restaurant, Private|Social.  You probably remember Tiffany best from her appearance on Season 7 of Bravo's Top Chef.

She placed in the top 5 before getting the boot, but extracted justice by being named Fan Favorite and returning in Season 8 of Top Chef All-Stars, where she finished in the top four.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. With the launch of Private|Social, Derry is looking to walk down the aisle and grab her moment in the sun. 

The "Private" dining room and the "Social" bar area

There are two parts to this concept: Private and Social. When you first enter the restaurant, you can veer to the right into the "Social" bar area.  A casual and classy lounge area featuring shared plates. Veer left and you will find yourself in the "Private" sector, which offer a more intimate dining experience showcasing a full dinner service menu. Our lunch took place in a chef's room which featured a large window into the kitchen.  "People say that chefs are like rock stars.  Well, here's the band," Derry said, motioning towards her staff working behind the window.

 Top to bottom: Top Chef Pork Buns, White Sturgeon, Braised Oxtails and Pastrami Cured Hiramasa.

Derry explained that the menu will change "when she feels like it" using seasonal items. On my visit, Derry had created a tasting menu to allow us to sample a plethora of entrees including Top Chef Pork Buns, Pastrami Cured Hiramasa, Baby Beet Salad, White Sturgeon and Braised Oxtails.

While everything I put in my mouth was delicious, I do have one little itty bitty suggestion for Tiffany. Get some COLOR on the menu! Everything they brought out for us was white.  White doughy "bun" on the Pork Bun.  White fish.  White doughy thingy (called Gnudi) on the Braised Oxtail. At an average plate cost of $27, I want to see some pizzazz on a plate. DAZZLE me!

There is no doubt that Private|Social is going to be one of Dallas' premier hot spots (for the next few months anyway). Derry has a great charm and energy about her that is infectious and engaging. I certainly wish her the very best and look forward to going back with friends to experience the "Social" side of the place.  See you there! 

Private|Social is now open at 3232 McKinney Ave. (at Hall in Uptown) 
Dallas, TX 75204 | 214.754.4744
Reservations are strongly recommended