Monday, October 24, 2011

Demerara Debuts in West Village

Cassie and Andrea Ganesh
I stumbled across Demerara in West Village a few weeks ago. I had planned on keeping this find a tight-lipped secret, but I started to feel like a shaken-up soda can. I am so excited about this new boutique that I just couldn't hold it inside anymore.

I had to tell you about this fantastic new boutique, even at the risk of others getting fabulous frocks at amazing prices that should be mine! 

Cassie and Andrea Ganesh are sisters who hail from Westlake and have brought their sense of style to West Village to open a new clothing boutique called Demerara. They both hold MBA's with international business concentrations but their "love of things that sparkle" pulled them away from the corporate world and into fashion.

The first thing you see when you walk into the store from either entrance are breathtaking, cascading chandeliers made from crystal bulbs. And then there's the wall of sports memorabilia, including football helmets, that are completely covered in Swarovski crystals.  Oh yeah, you get the love of "sparkle" right away.  So, where did the name Demerara come from?  Demerara was a region in South America (which is where the girls parents are from) in what is now Guyana.  So, the name is a nod to their heritage.

The store carries women's and men's apparel and accessories with lines from young by yoyo young, Alexis, Althea Harper, Laundry, boyod, bogesse and I. AM. from WILL.I.AM. Don't recognize all of the names? That's the whole point!  The girls want "to offer Dallas, and it's emerging demographic of fashion-conscious individuals, amazing clothing that won't be seen on numerous people around Dallas. All of our lines are hand picked for their unique aesthetic and quality.  We don't want to sell what everyone is already wearing, but what everyone will be wearing."  Not only do they have beautiful cocktail options, but they also carry a wide array of hip, trendy everyday apparel at prices that won't make you cringe.

D Magazine says, "If you're looking to dress to impress in this town, add this to your list of stops." Oh, it is so on my list...

Demerara is hosting a soiree and I have your official invite to attend! Save the date for THIS FRIDAY to stop by, browse the store and enjoy cocktails, a DJ and get Masquerade Makeup done. You won't be sorry!!

Demerara, 3699 McKinney Ave., Ste. 405, Dallas, TX 75204 

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