Monday, October 3, 2011

Follow Me @OhSoCynthia

Months ago I found these super cute pantyhose on etsy that said "Follow Me" and had the Twitter bird icon on them. Since I own a marketing firm and a great majority of my day is spent creating and implementing social media campaigns for clients, I thought they were a must-have for my wardrobe. Except that they have remained in my drawer since the day they arrived in the mail. I just never had the right event to wear them to.  Until the recent Celebrity Waiter Luncheon.

Daniel Winson Lewis and Cynthia Smoot

I knew this event would be crazy enough to be a little outrageous. I was right. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and wanted to know more about them. Well, actually, I can. Three people asked me if it was a tattoo. Eight people walked up to me and asked where I got them and countless more laughed and thought they were funny or unusual. 

They were quite the conversation piece.  So, I decided to share how you can get your own pair of "Follow me" hose. Here, for $23 a pair. They come in several shades ranging from nude to black.