Saturday, October 15, 2011

Matt Nordgren and Taylor Armstrong Attend Cattle Barron's Ball

A few weeks ago, I broke the news that Matt Nordgren spent a very busy weekend escorting Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all around Big D.   Tonight... she's baaaaaaaaaaaack!  Seems Matt cut a trip to Los Angeles short to fly back and escort Taylor to tonight's Cattle Barron's Ball.  Dang the luck that I had decided not to go to this event. The ONE time I skipped out on an event (because my in-laws were in town) and all the good stuff happens.

Taylor Armstrong and Matt Nordgren at the recent MTV ReDefine Gala. Photo: Mei-Chun Jau/Special Contributor for DMN

Earlier tonight Matt tweeted:

Was he talking about his evening with Taylor???  While I haven't seen Monday night's Most Eligible Dallas finale, I am told that Matt and Courtney's weekend getaway gets verrrrrrry steamy (literally. They end up in a hot tub).  I won't totally spoil it for you, but I will tell you that Bravo is going to leave you hanging.  Hopefully because they intend to bring this show back for a Season Two and want to give audiences a reason to keep tuning in.

So, what does BFF Courtney Kerr think about this Matt+Taylor pairing? She sarcastically tweeted back to Matt:

How do I know it was sarcastic? Trust me. I know.  You can tune into watch Matt and Courtney squirm chat with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, immediately after the finale.  It will be interesting to see how Matt reacts to questioning about Courtney and their relationship. Especially in light of this new Taylor development. 

We'll just have to "watch what happens"!

UPDATE (11:33 PM) 
Here are tweets from eye witnesses:

Taylor Armstrong with Brittney Aleman at Cattle Baron's Ball 2011

UPDATE (11:40 PM) 
Well, Matt Nordgren just called me to say, "Hey Cynthia. I am just calling to tell you that I am driving home from Cattle Barron's. Alone!".  Matt insists that he and Taylor are just friends and he is helping her through a rough time. Apparently, she "needs to talk about her problems and (Matt's) a good listener". I actually do believe him, because it makes no logical sense that Taylor (age 40) would be interested in Matt (age 29). What she needs right now is an older Sugar Daddy to rescue her from her problems. While Matt might be all Sugar, but he's not ready to be anyone's Daddy.