Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out for 2011

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book isn't just a catalog, it is like high-quality porn for every fashionista who fantasizes about living the ultimate life of luxury. It is a guide for how you should dress, accessorize, travel, cook and live for every member of your luxe family - down to Fido.

This year's 2011 Christmas Book has just been released. Here are a few of my favorite items:

Ever wish you could cross your arms, bat your eyes, and escape to a serene place all your own? Well, your wish is our command. Our "Dream Folly" is inspired by the classic 1960s TV show I Dream of Jeannie. Starting with a sturdy 18-foot-diameter yurt—a structure invented centuries ago by ancient Mongols—"Dream Folly" is the ideal simulation of a genie's posh bottle. 

Since we're in the business of granting wishes, you can choose a different color scheme and decor from the ones depicted here. But why bother? There's no improving upon perfection. Simply ask for this dream getaway, and we'll have it installed on your estate grounds in the blink of an eye. For every retreat sold, Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The "Dream Folly" stands 12'5" tall with an 18' diameter.

Chart a glamorous course in what is considered by boating enthusiasts worldwide to be the gold standard of pleasure boating. Entirely handbuilt in the USA, this 27-foot, solid mahogany wonder is the result of 1,400 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. 
Rich details are exclusive to the NM edition, like the name you bestow it in gleaming 23-karat gold leafing, embroidered button-down shirts for you and your crew and the sterling silver plaque that graces the cockpit, notifying passengers that they are aboard the Neiman Marcus-Edition Hacker-Craft.  Edition of 10. 

I wonder if George Clooney comes with this. Like for a time share deal on Lake Como for the Summer.  That would totally be worth $250K.  Just sayin'. 
I am so starting my letter to Santa...