Friday, October 28, 2011

Taco Ocho: Worthy of a Trek

Ever since I read Steven Doyle's review of Taco Ocho, I've been dying to visit. I loves me a good taco!! My car is reluctant to cross NW Hwy.  (I'm a Parkie, it's an unwritten rule of citizenship) so I still haven't made it to Richardson... but I did send my gal-about-town, Porsha Thomas to report back to me if the place lived up to the hype. Here's her report:

It's true. I trekked 21 miles from north Oak Cliff to Richardson on a mission to sample the deliciousness that is Taco Ocho.

Considering all of the buzz surrounding this fast causal taqueria, I had no qualms enlisting a girlfriend to partake in one of my favorite things to do – dine.  With a little pre trip online research, I discovered that Taco Ocho allowed us to "bring our own b", so a quick stop for Coronita's (an appropriate choice, we felt) was in order.

Once at Taco Ocho, we must've had the "overwhelmed by choices" look on our faces, because an super nice employee referred us to his favorite selections on the menu.  With the resto's signature Mexican and Latin American flavor and with everything sounding so good, it was a heavy feat, but we did it. We ended up sampling a selection of tortas, tacos and naturally, chips and salsa.

I was quite excited about my Cubana Torta, which featured a melange of pork, ham, chorizo, jalapeƱo, spicy mustard, and Oaxaca cheese. I decided to do it big with my meaty selection because, hey, when I do ever go to Richardson to eat? If you happen to be a Chorizo lover, this should definitely be your pick.

Mmm, and the Ancho Garlic Shrimp taco? Could eat one every day. My flour tortilla was brimming with grilled shrimp and topped with plantain pico de gallo and shredded spinach. The plantain pico lent a hand in the subtle sweetness I tasted in every bite. Truly delicious.

Lastly, the Latin Love. Shredded beef, refried black beans, fried plantains, aged cotija cheese, and salsa verde. My friend and I both tried this one and we kind of we both fell in love. Again, that whole sweetness thing mixed in with flavors from the beef, beans and cheese is amazing.

So the consensus: would I cross the river and 635 to go back to Taco Ocho? Yes! But it's going to be on a Saturday. Also, I have to thank them because I discovered something big, I really like plantains!

Until next time, y'all!

About the author: Porsha Thomas
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