Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Mom Tip #128: I do not cook. I cater.

HP 6th grade Lacrosse Team
I consider myself a resourceful Mommy.

No, I do not turn old spaghetti jars into crafty vases or use old socks to make puppets and Christmas wreaths. I'm not that kind of Mom. I use technology to do it all. Technology is my friend.

My son had a lacrosse tournament last weekend. It was waaaaaaaaaay out in the sticks (north of 635) and he played 6 games on Saturday starting at 9 AM. I got home at 6:30 PM. Then we got to wake up on Sunday and do it all over again.  Whee!

At these tournaments, each school or team usually has a tent to call home base. All of the parents sign up to contribute something to the tent for everyone to snack throughout the day.

You can see by my photo the wide assortment of "food" that we usually end up with: Cheez-Its, trail mix, power bars, chips, cookies, bagels, Rice Krispie Treats... and there's always fruit (that never gets eaten by the kids). 

On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina had given me a catering voucher and asked me to use it to host a party.  They have partnered with local bloggers for this promotion to showcase the variety of ways they could help make any party better.  I couldn't think of a better way to use it than to have hot tacos catered to this tournament. I went online, placed my order and their Catering van drove it right to the fields where we were playing and delivered it. It. Was. Awesome!

My plan was for the boys to be able to get some protein in them since they were playing six back-to-back games. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that with so much junk food available, they all went for the Rice Krispie Treats and donuts. But, the parents LOVED the brisket burritos I had ordered and they were devoured in a matter of minutes.

Food is one of the most crucial elements to making any function a success.  I will definitely be using On The Border for Catering again. The ordering process was easy, it was delivered right on time, they helped me set it up, and almost every person who ate the food asked me where it came from because those brisket burritos were so good. 

If you've been following my recent blog posts, you will note that I have been promoting shopping local vendors this holiday season. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that while On The Border is a nationwide chain, their corporate office is located right here in Dallas! I call that a win-win!

This post is sponsored by On The Border. While I received a catering voucher for authoring this post; product selections, descriptions, and opinions are 100% my own. Interested in sponsoring a post? Contact me for rates and details.