Monday, December 12, 2011

Enter Stage Left: The Pro Artist Group

With an emerging haute fashion scene, many artists look for guidance in their careers, key connections in the industry, and the right places to get their work discovered.  The Pro Artist Group will play an integral part in mentoring artists to increase skill levels, opening artists to a vast network of industry professionals, and frequently hosting events for artists to be discovered.

Fiona Gorostiza, Mina Chang, Cynthia Smoot, LeeAnne Locken and Lisa Petty

A launch party was held on December 3 to celebrate this newly formed collaboration. Pouring rain didn't put a damper on the evening as Fox 4's Fiona Gorostiza, Mina Chang, Cynthia Smoot (that's me!), model/actress (and occasional guest blogger for this site) LeeAnne Locken and DFW Style Daily's Lisa Petty joined a bevvy of fashion and beauty industry insiders to play hostess for a hip soiree at Anderson Studios.  Handsome Marines were on hand to accept new toys for Toys For Tots, a Ferarri was parked inside, a cigar roller was on hand for the gents - heck - there was even a hookah bar in the VIP lounge! Swanky...

The hookah was a big hit. Literally.

Juan Lerma, LeeAnne Locken, Janet and Rick Fresquez and Tyler Kerbyson

Around 10:30 PM, LeeAnne and I left to hit up another party at the Rattlesnake Bar at The Ritz (my favorite people-watching spot). As we were waiting for valet to pull our ride around, a slew of newcomers pulled up, having come from the Crystal Charity Ball at the Anatole a few short blocks away.  This party went on well into the night, and I'm told it ended up with a heaping mountain of toys for the kids.  Hoorah!

Photos courtesy of Bob Manzano

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