Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up: Jane McGarry

As the New Year approaches, I asked some of Dallas' most famous faces to reflect back and tell me what they most enjoyed about this holiday season and if they have set a New Year's Resolution for themselves.

Jane McGarry

NBC5 News Anchor 

"This Christmas holiday I spent an entire week in the beautiful ski resort of Big Sky Montana, known for getting record snowfalls every year, and never once hit the slopes!  Nope, instead (of being out skiing) I am holed up with my 18 year-old, helping critique and polish college essays that he put off until the very last minute, literally. We're frantically working on three essays now, with 3 still to go tomorrow, that are due January 1st.

Actually, sitting here in my rustic cabin right now, I feel a bit like Thoreau in his "on Walden Pond" period.  And I never really liked Thoreau.  So, my New Year's resolution is to go somewhere sandy, sunny and sultry in 2012 - without my son."

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